Patient Inspiration

A few hours walking through the Philadelphia Art Museum is something i’ve done many times. And most often, i tote along a sketchbook and follow inspiration along the way for a little illustration burst.

Today, i did not start out experiencing anything close to inspiration. This is what happens when you bring the stuff of the world inside with you.

However, something changed along the way. I felt very inspired—but it wasn’t an inspiration to put pencil to paper. it took me a to while figure out what it was. I have seen some of the same objects and masterpieces within those echoing walls over and over again for 25 years, but this time, all that i was focused on, was the details or parts and pieces of the objects. Inspiration came as a little celebration of minute details, and a respect for the artisans who put in ridiculous amount of time building, designing and creating  functional objects.

I came away with a new and unexpected inspiration that had nothing to do with a doodle or a sketch. Today, i was reminded, through looking at things in a new way, to claim and engage in patience. None of the details that i admired could have come to be without an inordinate amount of patience and perseverance. So, i chose to take it with me… to take this inspiration back out and apply it to the stuff of the world.

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Guest Doodler

GUESTenvelopeA long period of silence that belongs to a teenager, might typically be associated with a smartphone. I looked over to see what the (unusually) silent one was doing this evening and to my right-brained delight, i discovered that my daughter was in the midst of an intensive doodle… a doodle with a function. This one’s destined for the U.S. Postal Service.

I also noticed that she discovered my favorite charcoal grey pen. “…mom, i think i have also become a pen snob like you”.

Welcome to my island dear.

Señor Chicken


Last week, I took myself out for a tasty authentic Mexican lunch. And since I was by myself, of course i was making a To-Do list on a napkin. And then suddenly, there was the owner, standing next to me, staring down at my table saying, “that’s cool…”.  I looked down and realized i was drawing a rooster while eating a grouper fish taco. Moderately embarrassing.

Note to Self



This image lacks an explanation. Sometimes things are best just left as they are. I thought i had actually deleted this silly photo from my phone gallery, but somehow, it ended up in my google back-up…


…which has prompted me, after a long pause, to put it here as a little reminder to myself to continue to live and be just how God intended me to be. Just as i am.

Raining Cats and Dogs… and Monkeys?

5:55 a.m.— helmet on and one foot out the door. Looking forward to my daily ‘Rooster Ride’ pedal to prompt a proper posture for starting this new week. Wait… what’s that…. the pitter patter of rain drops. Drat. Hoping it was just a little shower, i sat down to check the radar loop and noticed out of the corner of my eye, that there was a pen…. near a banana.

So while i was waiting for weather clarity, doodling ensued. Then the skies opened up and the cell phone was serving up flash flood warning notifications. But i was at peace with having to forgo another ride… because not only did this day start with prayer, but i was doodling. On a banana.

I will admit it, i am a pen snob. I recognize and celebrate when there is a perfect balance between a particular writing implement and the right surface. And when there isn’t— for example, drawing or writing with a cheap roller ball pen on porous uncoated paper is horrific. Quite the opposite experience is found when a quality ball point pen zooms over a banana peel.

SERIOUSLY, you have to try this. 

And after you do, take a snapshot and send it to me.
It will make my day!


Breakfast Scribbles

cup1cup2My daughter and I were out for breakfast this morning, and she started writing a doodle letter to a friend on an empty coffee cup.

Yes, I was totally jealous and inspired by the fun she was having, so of course I dug around in the bottom of my bag for a pen.

I love how inspiration rolls around in circles, drawing you back in when you least expect it. That of course applies to much more in life than just scribbling on coffee cups in cafés.

Bamboo Forest

ImageAhh… it’s a blessing and a curse.
That is, planting bamboo in your yard.

It’s beautiful, it’s unique, and it is delightful to stand in the middle of. You can carve, cut, create super cool and useful things with it. In the winter, when the weight of snow and ice bend over each stalk to the ground in perfect arches, you can climb in there and hang out— it’s spectacular.

Then there is the bad.

It is super invasive if not planted with a suitable barrier. It has popped up repeatedly in places i don’t want it and has even taken over my old herb garden.

Anyone want any?

I have plenty.

It’s FREE!!  🙂